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Live Station Rate

Service Includes:

- Free Flow Popcorn

- Friendly Operator (Certified Food Handler)

- Paper bags

- Standalone Table

- Decorations (Helium Balloons)


Requirements (from Customer):

- Power Point 230v (3pin)

- Sheltered Location


Full payment required to book service.

Payment method , Credit Card (online payment),

bank transfer or cash payment.


3 hours

Additional $75 per hour


Popcorn Live

Station consist of certified food handler (manpower), paper bag, free flow popcorn.

Please do read the basic guidelines for candy floss live station.


Customers will have to

engage minimum of 3 hours

per location , a power point closest to the designated live station and a sheltered location away from rain.


To confirm a bookings, full

payment is required.  All payment needs to be fullfiled within 3 working days after official invoice is send to customer.


Popcorn Station

hurry ,make a booking now!

popcorn pngpopcorn service-button-bookservice generator

Portable Power     (+S$120/site)


Perfect for out door events with no

power facilities. Eg Beach, Parks.

Addiitonal cost of $120 per generator , limited to 8 hours.

Actual full setup for Popcorn live station

e-Invoice Ready


For e-invoice government

organisation, please do enter in coupon code in the booking form.




We will bill you accordingly. If your intranet is not able to log in to this booking portal due to security reasons, please do email us directly order@petitfourexpress.com