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Ice Kachang Live

Station consist of certified food handler (manpower), disposable bowl and spoon,  ice shavings and condiments such as, palm

seeds, red syrup, green syrup, yellow syrup, red bean, jelly and evaporated milk. As for chendol, cocunut milk, red bean, gula melaka, jelly and chendol bits. For ice ball, only red syrup, green syrup, yellow syrup and eveporated milk.


Customers will have to

engage minimum of 3 hours

per location .To provide us with a table 2m x 1m. If opt for a standalone cart, table is not required, a power point closest to the designated live station and a sheltered location away from rain.


To confirm a bookings, full

payment is required. You may choose any of the following: Credit card (instant confirmation), Bank transfer via DBS/POSB (will email you the invoice with the bank details or cash payment via billing address meetup. All payment needs to be fullfiled within 3 working days after official invoice is send to customer.


Ice Kachang Station

icekachangtop pngicekachang ICEKACHANGGUIDELINES

Rates stated are updated as of 1st January 2019


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Live Station

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