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Halal Assurance

- Prima Plain Flour

- SIS Fine Sugar

- SIS Course Sugar

- Redman Chocolate Ganarche

- Redman Chocolate White Block

- Redman Choco Butter

- Tulip Chocolate

- Bakeway, Chocolate Converture

- Saputo Unsalted Butter

- Saputo Salted Butter

- Goldtree, Unsalted Butter

- Goldtree, Salted Butter

- Nutella Spread

- Redman, Vanilla Essence

- Redman, Pandan Essence

- Redman, Rose Syrup

- Redman, Kiwi Syrup

- Redman, Pineapple Syrup

- Redman, Strawberry Pie Filling

- Redman, Blueberry Pie Filling

- Goldtree, Cheddar Cheese

- Goldtree, Mozarella Cheese

- Royal Victoria, Cream Cheese


At Petitfour Express, we produce halal cakes and desserts that are safe for muslim consumptions. The company owned by a muslim owner production prepared strictly using halal ingredients.


Listed here are our main baking suppliers.

- Phoon Huat, Sim Lane, Singapore

- Ghin Hin Lee, Haig Road, Singapore

- Ai Lin, Tanjong Katong, Singapore

- Ng Ming Huat, Johore Bahru

- NTUC Fairprice

- Bake King, Haig Road, Singapore

prima Saputo_logo

- Satin Ice, Fondant

- President Creame Liquid UHT

- Redman Whip Topping