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Cup Corn 3hrs

Service Includes:

- Friendly Operator (Certified Food Handler)

- Disposable Cup


Requirements (from Customer):

- Table 1m x 1m

- Power Point 230v (3pin)

- Sheltered Location



3 hours

Free Flow.

Additonal Addons

Standalone Cart   +$100/cart


Our standard service does not

comes with a standalone cart.

If you wish to include this cart

Additional cost of 100 per cart.

Cupcorn live station consist of certified food handler (manpower), disposable cup, corn ingredients, butter, salt.


Customers will have to

engage minimum of 3 hours

per location .To provide us with a table 1m x 1m. If opt for a standalone cart, table is not required, a power point closest to the designated live station and a sheltered location away from rain.


All bookings made online must make full payment in order to confirm bookings.


Cupcorn 5hrs

Free Flow.


5 hours

cart bigmaincupcorn service-button-bookservice service-button-bookservice table

Table & Skirting    +$50/table


Our standard service does not

include table. If you wish to include

a table, additional cost $50/table.


Portable Generator   +$100/event


Our standard service does not

comes with a portable generator.

Use this portable generator only

for outdoor events with no power

source eg beach party, garden party.

Live Stations operated and managed by Petitfour Express, Singapore.

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