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Live Station Rate

Service Includes:

- Free Flow Flossing

- Friendly Operator (Certified Food Handler)

- Paper Cones Only


Requirements (from Customer):

- Table 1m x 1m

- Power Point 230v (3pin)

- Sheltered Location


Full payment required to book service.

Payment method , Credit Card (online payment),

bank transfer or cash payment.



3 hours


Additional $75 per hour

Additonal Addons

Standalone Cart    

Rate: +S$50/cart


Our standard service does not

comes with a standalone cart.


Candyfloss Live

StationConsist of certified food handler (manpower), paper roll, free flow flossing.

additional addons

Booking button above is for candy floss +manpower.

Instant Booking + Online Payment Ready!


Customers will have to

engage minimum of 3 hours

per location .To provide us with a table 1m x 1m. If opt for a standalone cart, table is not required, a power point closest to the designated live station and a sheltered location away from rain.


To confirm a bookings, full

payment is required. You may choose any of the following: Credit card (instant confirmation), Bank transfer via DBS/POSB (will email you the invoice with the bank details or cash payment via billing address meetup. All payment needs to be fullfiled within 3 working days after official invoice is send to customer.


Candy Floss Station

hurry , make a booking now!

candyflossstand generator

Portable Generator  

Rate: +S$120/site (8 hours)


For outdoor event without

any power source.


Candy Floss Equipment Rental 

(Paper Sticks + Flossing Sugar)* Optional




Paper Sticks

(First 100 pax Free)


Addons: +500 sticks

(Additional $20)

Candy Floss Machine

230V 50/60hz


Rental Rate: $200/day

(inc delivery + pickup)



Flossing Sugar

Original Pink (100pax) Free


Addons: $20/bottle

(1 Bottle : 100 pax)


If you would like to rent the equipment only, please do email us at  [email protected]